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Lawn Care and Maintenance Services by Duchesne's Services

Service Overview and Schedule


What are the service dates for weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance?

  • Duchesne’s Services offers seasonal weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance from May to October. Our team determines the service schedule and allows for flexibility based on weather conditions.


How many visits are included in the weekly and bi-weekly maintenance plans?

  • Our weekly maintenance plan includes 22 scheduled visits, while the bi-weekly plan consists of 11 visits throughout the season. Both plans are priced for the full season.

 What is the mowing height and schedule during the summer period?

  • We mow the lawn at a height between 2.5” – 3.5”, and during the hot summer period (June 15 – August 15), we avoid cutting the grass too short to prevent a burnt lawn. Service hours range from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

 What happens after the lawn is mowed?

  • After completing the mowing, we clear sidewalks, driveways, porches, and patios of grass clippings or debris.

 What steps should I take before the scheduled service date?

  • Ensure the removal of any pet waste, toys, or obstructions on the lawn prior to the service date to avoid a clean-up fee.

 Can I request bagging clippings or non-use of a riding lawn mower?

  • Requests for bagging clippings or non-use of a riding lawn mower are subject to a $10 charge per cut.

 What if I have concerns about the service?

  • Client satisfaction is our priority. If you have any issues, please contact the office immediately, and we will work to find a solution. For inquiries, call us at

       (807) 632-4000.


Scheduling Information

How are service dates scheduled?

  • Clients are assigned a day during the week for service as determined by our schedule. Due to weather conditions and scheduling, there's a one-day tolerance. For example, if scheduled for Thursdays, service may occur on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

What happens in case of a rainstorm or delays?

  • In the event of a rainstorm or delays, expect a few days delay that week, with efforts to get back on schedule the following week.                                                                                 

Pricing and Payment

How are rates determined for lawns?

  • Rates depend on factors such as property square footage, service frequency, location, equipment accessibility, and lawn terrain.

What is the payment process and billing cycle?

  • Bills will be sent out 1-5 days on the following month of service. For example, if you received lawn care in the month of June, you will receive an invoice in the first 1-5 days of July. Payments are due 15 days after the invoice has been sent out. Payments can be made through cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

 Are there fees for additional work?

  • Additional work is billed at $75/man hour, and any price adjustments for recurring service are communicated 7 days prior to the effective adjustment.

Cancellation and Renewal

How do I cancel a scheduled service?

  • To cancel a scheduled service, please call 48 hours in advance. Refunds are not provided for cancellations of recurring services (skipped lawn cuts) when paid in full for the season. If you pay monthly, you will not be charged for the canceled service. 

How can I cancel services entirely?

  • To cancel services entirely, provide 7 days' notice, and billing will be halted immediately. Services auto-renew unless canceled before May 1st. 

Property Damage and Contact Information

What should I do if there is property damage?

  • Notify Duchesne’s Services immediately if there is property damage. Our team will document the damage and determine the necessary actions.

How can I contact Duchesne’s Services?

  • Contact us by calling or texting (807) 632-4000 during business hours or emailing Voicemail messages will be returned within 24 hours. 

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